The IDE for the command line. Written in bash.

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Should you be interested in MulleSDE ?

Are you developing in C, C++ or Objective ? Then MAYBE.

Are you tied to a single platform and do you always develop in the same language and development environment (aka IDE) ? Then NO.

Otherwise install mulle-sde and try the following commands:

mulle-sde init -d foo -m mulle-sde/c-developer none
mulle-sde foo
dependency add --github mulle-core mulle-sprintf
ls -R dependency

If you think “So what ?”, then the answer is NO.

Should you use it ?

The snags

The whole thing is not badly documented. There is even a Wiki with quite a bit of content. But there are snags.

  1. The project is still fairly unstable. I seem to keep rewriting stuff. Some areas are stable, but some areas aren’t.
  2. There isn’t a proper usage for every command yet. Some of the usages are already outdated.
  3. There are some limitations with respect to platform differentiation via ${MULLE_UNAME}. E.g. arch linux vs debian linux.
  4. The version checking like “fetch me the latest foo with version < 2” isn’t implemented, but probably will be.

On a day to day basis, MulleSDE though is a joy to use and my favorite IDE, because it saves me so much time.

Presumed to be stable

These tools look like they are complete and useful on their own

Tool Description
mulle-env custom environments for projects
mulle-fetch grab and unpack repositories and archives
mulle-make detect build method and build a project
mulle-match categorize files and make files
mulle-monitor monitor a filesystem folder and trigger commands on change